PANORisk (Investments, Insurance and New Risks) research program aims to develop decision support tools in the areas of insurance savings, investment savings, risk management related to aging, health, energy transition, climate, economic, political and financial crises, and the credibility of financial institutions.

This research is multidisciplinary, associating economists, mathematicians and managers.

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    • Publications 2017

      Alili L., Chaumont L., Graczyk P., and Zak T., Space-time inversions of stochastic processes and Kelvin transform.
      Benaim M., Cloez B., Panloup F. Stochastic approximation of Quasi-Stationary Distributions...

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    • Subject 1:

      Economic Impact of Ageing

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    • Invitations to other Universities

      François LANGOT was Invited Professor at Retirement and Savings Institute HEC – Montréal from 25th of June to 9th of July 2019.
      François LANGOT was Invited Professor at Retirement and Savings Institute...

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    • PhD Grant 2019

      PANORisk is an interfaculty hub for research, associating the Departments of Economics and Mathematic at the Universities of Angers, Le Mans and Nantes, as well as the Business Schools Audencia (Le Mans)...

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    • Subject 2

      Online estimation of state space models, with applications in Economics and Finance.

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