PhD Grant 2019


PANORisk is an interfaculty hub for research, associating the Departments of Economics and Mathematic at the Universities of Angers, Le Mans and Nantes, as well as the Business Schools Audencia (Le Mans) and ESSCA (Angers). The research of the group focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the areas of finance, insurance, decision theory, monetary policy, stochastic processes, econometrics, game theory, stochastic control and numerical methods for solving non-linear stochastic models.


The team GAINS

The scientific strategy of the GAINS is based on two axes.

Axis 1: Evaluation of public employment policies

The objective is the development of new theoretical and quantitative tools to contribute to the debate on the effectiveness of public policies, and more particularly those related to employment (reforms of labor market institutions, taxation or training). This research meets the demands of the public authorities and is rooted in controversial issues, both at the theoretical and applied level. The GAINS team is part of the TEPP Federation (CNRS).

Axis 2: Risk, insurance and social protection

The objective is to study the behavior of economic agents in presence of uncertainty. Two dimensions are favored: (i) the perception and coverage of risks; (ii) the management of occupational risks. This research responds to a strong social demand around social protection systems, such as retirement, health insurance, or unemployment insurance. The problem of risks (of different natures) and their management occupy an increasing place in contemporary economies.

The GAINS is part of the Institute of Risk and Insurance of Le Mans (founded jointly with the Mathematics department and the Law department).


The application, including the usual supporting documents such as :

  • Your CV,
  • A description of your MASTER courses, with your results, projects and master dissertation,
  • Letters of recommendation.


Before June 30th 2019 23h59


Pre-selected candidates will be auditioned in le Mans on July 9th 2019.

To apply, please send all informations please follow the website of Doctoral School EDGE.