European Researchers' Night 2018


PANORisk will be present on the European Researchers' Night in Le Mans the 28 of September. The researchers of the program will welcome the public and exhibit their research work thanks to the Experimental Economics Educational Game: Let's cooperate!

It's an experiment in the form of a game in which the willingness of the participants to cooperate is measured. In this game, participants cooperate to make an investment. In the first part of the game, the return on investment is safe and in the second, the return on investment is risky.

The Researchers' Night is an invitation to meet, discover, exchange, share and surprise, through innovative events during which Le Mans University researchers and guests (researchers, artists, speakers, etc.) present their work.
A unique opportunity to "take the laboratories down to the city" and show a wide audience the richness of what is happening in the laboratories of Le Mans University, in a festive and friendly atmosphere!


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