Axis 3 : Interaction between agents, contracts designs, regulation, new financial products. Publications 2017 - 2018

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  • Koutoyants Yu. A., On misspecification in regularity and properties of MLE for some stochastic processes, 2017, submitted

Publications 2015-2016

Work in progress

  • Bedendo, M. , Cathcart, L. and El Jahel, L. Reputational Shocks and the Information Content of Credit Ratings
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  • Moussa Z. (2016). How big is the comeback? Japanese exchange rate pass-through assessed by Time-Varying FAVAR.
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  • Nocera, G., Cardinale, G., Spotorno, L. Investment management structures and active risk in delegated portfolio management: Evidence from the Italian occupational pension funds 
  • Pasiouras, F., Gaganis, C., Galariotis, E., and Staikouras, C., Bank efficiency and consumer protection
  • Popier A., Zhou C., Second order BSDE under monotonicity condition and liquidation problem under uncertainty.
  • Popier A., Ankirchner S., Fromm A., Kruse T., Optimal position targeting via decoupling fields.
  • Thèse en cours :Risques de santé et Dynamiques des carrières(lien entre complémentaires santé et arrêt maladie et détermination des comportements d’offre de contrats (salaire, complémentaire santé), Jérôme Ronchetti.
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