Publications of the network

PANORisk network members are regularly publishing their work documents, in books / book chapters, peer reviewed journals national and internationals.

Latest publications

    • Axis 1 : Risk measures and continuity of public systems

      - Denis L., Beissner P., Duality, the Theory of Value and Asset Pricing under Knightian Uncertainty, SIAM, 2017.
      - Gayant J.-P., Le Pape N., Increasing Nth degree inequality, forthcoming Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2017, DOI : 10.1016/j.jmateco.2017.02.010
      - Gobillon L., Wolff F.-C., Guillotreau P., The effects of buyers and sellers on fish market prices, European Review of Agricultural Economics,2017, 44, 149-177

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    • Axis 2 : Behaviour against Insurance demand, investment and saving toward risks.

      Coming soon.

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    • Axis 3 : Interaction between agents, contracts designs, regulation, new financial products.

      - Gasparyan S. B., and Koutoyants Yu. A., On the lower bound in second order asymptotically efficient estimation for Poisson processes. Mathematical Methods of Statistics, 2017, 27, 1, 1-19.
      - Koutoyants Yu. A., On misspecification in regularity and properties of MLE for some stochastic processes, 2017, submitted

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